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The Lehigh Valley is a community that is richly diverse with thousands of people from all over the world emigrating here. Many of these people are seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families, but do not have the English language skills to really take advantage of these opportunities.

In addition, we have a growing number of adults without high school diplomas who are seeking better employment opportunities. In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive, these adults realize how important attaining a high school equivalency diploma is in the workforce.

At The Literacy Center, we firmly believe that helping adults improve their literacy education not only opens the door for better employment, but helps build a happier, more rewarding life. The following stories highlight just three Literacy Center students — Marco, Alely, and Michael — who were able not only to improve their literacy, but the quality of their lives.

Click on the image of each student to read their story and watch their journey with The Literacy Center.

Student Statistics for 2016 – 2017

1301 Applicants for 2016 – 2017

The Literacy Center was able to register 589 students.

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