Our Staff

At The Literacy Center, we have a dedicated staff of full-time and part-time employees who are deeply committed to the mission of providing education for work, family, and life.

Jennifer M. Doyle, MPA
Executive Director
(610) 435-0680 ext. 114

Solymar Flores, MBA
Data & Operations Manager
(610) 435-0680 ext. 111

Judit Garger
ESL Program Manager
(610) 435-0680 ext. 113

Katherine Kelly Gallagher, MA
Workforce Development & Support Services Manager
(610) 435-0680 ext. 122

Erin Anderson, MSW
Career Counselor & Workforce Development Coordinator
(610) 435-0680 ext. 112

Fatan Silfies
Intake and Attendance Coordinator
(610) 435-0680 ext. 115

Joanny Arboleda, BS
(610) 435-0680 ext. 117

Doris Ramirez
Substitute Receptionist
(610) 435-0680 ext. 117


ESL Instructors:

Cathy Britton
Nancy Ettwein
Katarina Grofikova
Joan Premecz
Fatan Silfies
Nicholas Snyder
Julia Sonnenscheim
Becky Tacca
Sharla Whalen

GED Instructors: 

Dave Bowers
Bernadine Douglas
Maria Ocasio

Workforce Development Instructors:
Rick Heimbach
Maria Ocasio