ESL Workshops

The Literacy Center is now offering workshops to English Language Learners at an advanced level or above to improve their speaking and conversational fluency in English. Each workshop will focus on a specific functional language skill, such as: Expressing Opinion, Polite Interruptions, Asking for a Favor, Making and Responding to Apologies, etc. … all very practical skills at the workplace or everyday life.

Cost: $20 a session

Next Workshop: Practical English Conversation Tools: Polite Requests

One-Day Session – Saturday, May 21st, 9 am -1 pm

What do we offer?

  • 4-hour long intensive workshops focusing on one language function with an experienced ESL instructor.
  • Substantial time to practice new expressions and apply them in specific situations.
  • Carefully designed materials to support step-by-step learning of the new conversation skills.
  • Additional follow-up practice packets to use after each session.

What will you learn?

Session 1: Practical English Conversation Tools for Work and Daily Life
  • Ask for help – “Could you open the door, please?”
  • Ask for permission – “I was wondering if could leave early today”.
  • Accept a request – “Sure, go ahead.”
  • Politely refuse requests with an excuse – “I’d be glad to, but I am helping another customer now.”
  • Write a request email.
Session 2: Keeping the Conversation Going
  • Respond to good or bad news using rejoinders – “So am I.”   “I’m sorry to hear that. “
  • Make small talk – “The weather is nice today.”   “Have you heard about the accident on 7th Street?”
  • Ask follow-up questions –  “Really?”   “No. What happened”
Session 3: Essential Telephone Skills
  • Beginning and ending a phone call: “May I speak to..?”  “Thank you for the information.
  • Taking messages: “I’m sorry, he is not available.  Can I take a message?”
  • Leaving a Message: “Can you ask Ms. Jones to call me?”
  • Reporting messages to others “John called to let you know that…”
  • Asking for information over the phone “I would like to inquire about …)
  • Making appointments for different services over the phone “I would like to make an appointment for my son with Dr. Brown.”
  • Practical English conversation

How can you determine if you are at the right level for this class?

If you answer yes to all the questions below, you are at the right functional level for this class.

  • Are you able to have a simple conversation with a native speaker in English?
  • Are you able to follow simple instructions without seeing them in writing?
  • Can you understand a simple spoken announcement even if you don’t know the meaning of every word in it?
  • Do you know how to construct a simple email in English?

What technology is needed for the workshop?

  • Reliable internet connection
  • A reliable, functioning desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with a keyboard
  • Audio and visual capabilities (webcam/video, speakers or headphones, and microphone) appropriate for video conferencing